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A Brief History of Elastos

The evolution of the internet from a decentralized platform for data sharing to a tool for corporations to collect and store private user data has exposed individuals to bad actors who could compromise or control their personal information. This trend prompted Rong Chen, a former Microsoft employee and operating systems expert, to embark on a mission to build his own secure and safe operating system in 2002, which he named Elastos.

Despite initial setbacks, Rong persevered and continued to develop the Elastos infrastructure. In 2016, he discovered the potential of blockchain technology to solve the underlying vulnerabilities of the internet and founded the Elastos Foundation in partnership with Feng Han.

Today, Elastos and the Cyber Republic aim to provide a secure and decentralized internet protocol that enables true ownership of digital assets, restoring balance to the original vision of a free and private ecosystem. The current digital economy, dominated by multi-billion-dollar corporations, has made the need for a secure and decentralized platform even more pressing, as data theft and digital blackmail become increasingly profitable. The mission of Elastos is to enable global access to digital property rights and seamless communication across networks.