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What are DIDs in Web3?

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) let users have control over their own information by managing and storing identities and data. They’re verifiable identifiers stored on the blockchain operating in a completely decentralized manner, primarily used for authentication and storage purposes to not only maintain data but also protect user privacy.

DIDs can be used for a variety of different purposes (i.e. personal and professional). They’re an important stepping stone in the development of Web3, bringing privacy and ease of access to users at a global scale.

This technology also has the following features:

  • Interoperability across Web3 dApps and websites
  • Ability to connect to multiple verified credentials
  • Maintains privacy of personal and wallet information
  • Offers secure communication between two or more parties

Benefits of DIDs

Elastos is keen on revolutionizing the digital identity space through our open-source universal decentralized identity (DID) solution. This product serves as a mechanism for securing personal identities and data that are commonly exploited, restoring anonymity and privacy features while also eliminating the need to trust large organizations that house and store their data.

DID runs on the Elastos Identity Chain (EID), allowing any device or person to create their own digital identity on the web. It’s fully compatible with a variety of applications and products within the Elastos ecosystem.


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