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Grants & Funding

The primary source of funding for projects seeking to contribute to Elastos is its community governance arm, known as the Cyber Republic.

The Cyber Republic treasury was funded at genesis and receives 30% of ELA's annual inflation. After each annual CR election, 10% of the total treasury is transferred to an expense account and is able to be used as funding for the year-long term. CR is tasked with allocating funds to support the continuous improvement of the Elastos core protocols as well as growth of the ecosystem.

These funds can be publicly view at the following addresses:

Submitting a Proposal

Developers can request funding from the Cyber Republic by submitting a suggestion to CR forum according to the proposal criterion. If the suggestion garners enough positive feedback, a Cyber Republic Council member can promote it to an official proposal after which the 12-person council will have a 7-day window to cast their votes.


If the proposal receives 8 out of 12 yes votes (2/3rds quorum) it then proceeds to an addutional 7-day period in which ELA token holders have the option to veto the proposal if they believe it does not align with their interests. 20% of the ELA circulating supply is required to successfully veto a proposal, otherwise the proposal will be finalized and the proposer can claim the budget and begin executing according to their pre-defined milestones.