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Create an Elastos Account

If you want to be interact with any of the Elastos blockchains, you first will need to create a wallet.

Elastos Essentials is a non-custodial mobile-based wallet for the Elastos ecosystem. It provides users will a wide array of features and services - everything needed to engage in the world of Elastos and beyond, including:

  • Managing your digital assets
  • Management of contacts, DIDs, storage, voting, and smart contract operations
  • Seamlessly generate multiple DIDs
  • Explore various dApps across the ecosystem
  • Trading, bridging, and staking

Creating and setting up your Elastos Essentials wallet is extremely quick and easy. Follow the simple steps below to get started:

Creating an Account

  1. Download the app, open it and follow the introductory prompts.
  1. You’ll now be guided through the process of creating your digital identity. Press “New” to get started with the setup process. After choosing a name for your identity, you’ll be prompted to enter a master password, which will be required to transact and execute activities in your Elastos Essentials Wallet. Biometric authentication is also available and can substitution for your password.
  1. A message will be displayed noting that the app is publishing your identity to the blockchain, creating your wallet, and setting up some personal Hive storage space. Wait for a few seconds until this process completes.

That's it! Your Elastos Essentials Wallet account has been created. You can now manage your digital identity, store and trade digital assets across Elastos and other blockchain ecosystems, participte in Elastos governance, and much more.

Backup your Account

If you haven't yet backed up your account, you'll be prompted to do so. The Essentials wallet is entirely non-custodial, which means account access is your responsibility. Follow the prompts to record your twelve seed word recovery phrase.


Next, verify your seed words to ensure you've recorded it correctly.


The seed phrase is only as secure as your storage of it! If you want to retain access to your account, you MUST write down your seed words in order, and store them securely. If you lose your seed words, you lose your account forever.

Funding your Account

If you wish to interact with any of Elastos' blockchains, you'll need to fund your account with some ELA.

There are several ways to obtain ELA, including from popular exchanges.


There are several different versions of the ELA token that reside on separate blockchains. Users should verify which version their chosen exchange supports before proceeeding. Please refer to the token type directory for further clarification

To deposit assets, simply choose your desired network, chose a wallet and asset, then copy your address using the 'Receive' option.


It also possible to bridge assets from other supported chains to the Elastos Smart Chain via Glide Finance. Users will receive a small amount of ELA from a faucet so that they can transact on the chain.