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The implementation of DID Javascript SDK accords with W3C’s DID specification and the specification of verifiable credentials, and it mainly implements the following function sets:

  • DID and DIDDocument
  • Verifiable credential
  • Verifiable presentation
  • Hierarchical Deterministic DIDs (similar with BIP32)
  • Secure local DID objects store
  • DID and credential publishing mechanism based on Elastos ID side chain

In addition (since JSON Web Token (JWT) is widely used), while the key pair of DID can be used for signing and verifying JWT, Elastos DID SDK integrates the support of JWT, which provides applications with a safe and convenient way to use JWT, without any risk of secret key leakage. JWT integrated with JavaScript SDK offers the following support:

  • JWT
  • JWS (algorithm: ECDSA using P-256 and SHA-256)
  • Claims assertions
  • Claim POJO marshaling and unmarshaling